Our dental practice can trace its roots in Carmel back to before the Civil War. A brief history:

James Harrison Merritt was born in Carmel on July 26, 1828, and went on to study dentistry in New York. He began a dental practice in Carmel in1852. After three years, he moved with his family to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Dr. Merritt returned to Carmel 1857 due to his wife”s ill health and re-started his practice, which he continued until his death in August 1883. His son, John Brown Merritt, was raised in Carmel and attended Drew Seminary School, before going on to graduate from the New York College of Dentistry in 1887. He then took over his father’s practice, which was located on the shore of Lake Gleneida.

The younger Dr. Merritt was succeeded by Dr. George Ernest Dickinson, Jr. Born in Brewster, Dr. Dickinson attended Hobart University and earned his D.D.S. degree. He had two offices: One on Seminary Hill Road across from Lake Gleneida and a second one in Brewster, on Main Street over the Goosen Furniture store. His son, George E. Dickinson III, graduated from Georgetown University School of Dentistry and joined his father’s practice. They worked together until the elder Dr. Dickinson retired; their office was located at 5 Fair Street in Carmel.

Dr. Daniel C. Doyle, who was born and raised in Brewster, joined the pratice in 1980 after graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Dentistry. Dr. Dickinson and Dr. Doyle opened a second office on Route 311 in Patterson in 1980. They relocated to their present location on Route 311 in Lake Carmel in 1993. Dr. Doyle continued the practice after Dr. Dickinson retired in 2004.

In 2010, Dr. Romina T. Doyle—Dr. Daniel Doyle’s daughter-in-law—joined the practice after graduating from University of Buffalo School of Dentistry. Her husband, Dr. Dennis C. Doyle, joined the practice in 2011 after graduating from UB School of Dentistry.